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today my mom and i went to see Nigel Barker (of America's Next Top… - ariela [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 27th, 2008|10:46 pm]
today my mom and i went to see Nigel Barker (of America's Next Top Model) photography exhibit at 401 projects in the west village. He worked with the Humane Society & went to Canada with a few other people to capture the baby seals just hours after they were born & then documented their slaughter. (for those who don't know millions of baby seals are killed each year in Canada for their fur) Anyways he(he gave an hour long tour) had some really sweet stories and talked about his experience. he said the seals were all about the people and kept coming over to them, he mentioned that when he was taking a photo of one of the seals another came up and was rubbing up against him. he didn't pet them because some people believe that if you pet a seal then it will be rejected by its mother because she'll smell the human on him. but he said he definitely could have if he wanted to cos they were so close to him. anyways it was really sweet. he didn't have any of the photos he took of dead seals on display because he wanted to document their beauty. afterwards there was a 45 minute video and they did have close ups of trails of blood & then there was some footage of them being slaughtered but it was taken from far away but you could see them dragging them in the snow..so sad :(

this one was so cute with the snow over its head, he had a caption under it about how it seemed like the seal had watched Top Model because he kept posing haha

anyways. i'm glad i went.

i wish i could stop coughing.

[User Picture]From: evergreenk
2008-07-31 11:28 am (UTC)
:((((((( They're so cute!!! It's soooo sad!!! I hope the hunt for seals will be banned.
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